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10 reasons to choose BSc Computing at UCLan Cyprus for a successful career in the Computer Games Development industry

  1. We have a proven track record of our graduate students landing jobs in the games industry. This includes local companies like Qiiwi and the largest international game studios like Ubisoft.
  2. We offer a wide range of Computer Games Development specialisation modules, and we are one of the few degrees that supports immersive learning using Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality.
  3. Our students participate in local, national, and international competitions with great success!
  4. We have been undertaking ongoing collaborative work with international research groups and scientific communities. Our academic staff is highly successful in proposing and participating to national and international research projects and conferences, with many of them involving students as well.
  5. The degree is accredited by the Cyprus Scientific and Technical Chamber (ETEK) and the British Computer Society (BCS) to the highest level possible for an undergraduate degree. Our programme has accreditation leading to MBCS (Member of British Computing Society), CITP (Chartered IT Professional) and partial CEng (Chartered Engineer) exemption from the British Computer Society. The BCS is the leading professional body for computing in the UK.
  6. Our Games Development specialisation modules and learning delivery reflect the industry needs and composition. The learning content is designed and delivered by experienced staff across the UK and Cyprus campuses. Our staff is research active and engaging with the industry.
  7. Our students learn important games development concepts, technologies, and techniques, and develop the knowledge required to produce computer games. Our curriculum covers programming for games, mathematics, AI algorithms, computer graphics, game architecture, optimisation for games, techniques for increasing realism of 3D graphics, and other important concepts.
  8. We have our own Games Studio. ‘Rays and Vectors’ is our in-house student-led game studio offering a workplace simulation environment to help our students, enabling them to experience the needs and processes of the gaming industry, and help them develop the necessary skills to become highly skilled professional game developers.
  9. We are using the latest game engines, as well as our own in-house game engine to expose students to the latest tools and technologies used in the games development industry. We are using Unreal Engine in year 3 and 4. We teach computer graphics through DirectX.
  10. Our specialisation pathway follows guidelines established by the International Games Developers Association (IGDA), the internationally renowned "non-profit membership organization that advocates globally on issues related to digital game creation".

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UCLan Cyprus offers a unique advantage of British education, in Cyprus/EU Wargaming, one of the largest gaming studios, is a partner for our Games Development curriculum Qiiwi, one of the largest gaming studios in Cyprus, is a partner for our Games Development curriculum Machinations.io is used in the Games Development curriculum
Silversky3D is a leading VR studio, and partner of our programme MentisVR is a Virtual Reality company that specializes in the evaluation and training of cognitive skills, such as attention and perception, in athletes.